With intelligent concepts and clear actions, Jenny Gleitsmannskyscrapers covered in fog»I love the view from the very highest floors and the feeling it gives me that anything is possible. Every new skyscraper, taller than those before it, elevates our standards, and our vision of what is possible. Join me in looking toward distant horizons.« is changing tomorrow’s world today – always decisively, often unconventionally, but never alone. She works simply and elegantly. She often intentionally serves as the strong counterpart behind great visionariesSnowboarder in a desert »True visionaries live more than one dream at a time and lead a life without limits, making them more successful all-round. Jenny Gleitsmann helped me see my potential, think bigger and turn my visions into reality.«
Frank Theeg, Entrepreneur, Supporter, Critic, Facilitator
, as that is where her talents have the greatest impact. She understands how visionaries think, feel and act – only in that way can she contribute the right inputs to help implement their visions.

visionary heart
focused mind
stable actions

The size of our ideas determines the future we will experience. In each of her projects around the world, Jenny Gleitsmann strives to find a progressive approach that changes everything and allows people to create what seems impossible.

The value and strength of her work are based on her two great gifts: She can make the invisible visible. She sees the visionary power of an idea, the creative potential of people, the inner boundaries of visionaries, barriers to implementing projects in the distant future, and future behaviour of stakeholders in challenging situations like crises, negotiations or expansions. And even in the eye of a storm, she focuses on the essentials. With great calm, under some of the most difficult circumstances, Jenny Gleitsmann analyses situations in milliseconds. Her ability to ask the right questions and draw the right conclusions means that she can find the ideal solution – and there always is one.

Visionaries about Jenny Gleitsmann:
Schneider + Partner GmbH »In all my time as a consultant, I have never met anyone who could analyse a situation – including all those involved – so quickly and brilliantly, whilst drawing the required logical conclusions as she does.«

Dr. Bernd Kugelberg
CEO Schneider + Partner GmbH

Otto Formen- und Werkzeugbau GmbH & Co. KG »Jenny Gleitsmann impresses with her charming, dauntless and ambitious nature.«

Michael Otto
CEO Otto Formen- und Werkzeugbau GmbH

e-dox GmbH »Without Jenny Gleitsmann, we would just be one of many companies on the market.«

Frank Theeg
CEO e-dox GmbH

Intershop Communications AG »Especially in deadlocked and complex constellations, she very often finds intriguing answers and solutions with a clear vision and simple words.«

Dr. Jochen Wiechen
CEO Intershop Communications AG

F. & G. Hachtel GmbH & Co. KG »Jenny Gleitsmann has a pleasant yet ruthless manner. She can be tough – but in a nice way.«

Steffen Hachtel
CEO F. & G. Hachtel GmbH & Co. KG

evomecs GmbH »I am a physicist – that’s my background. And I am fascinated by the way Jenny reduces complex circumstances into simple principles. That enables her to bring clarity and elegance to difficult contexts.«

Dr. Stefan Becker
CEO evomecs GmbH

zebra group GmbH »While you are still looking for the fuses with a torch, Jenny comes into the room and switches on the light. The way she keeps a clear perspective and does the obvious is brilliant.«

Tino Lang
Director Consulting zebra | group GmbH

Sparkasse Celle »A unique approach, an alert eye for details and a clear business focus on the circumstances at hand – those are the common denominators in Jenny Gleitsmann’s solutions.«

Dr. Patrick Kuchelmeister
Member of the Board of Sparkasse Celle